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    Sun Mar 15 04:22:26 2015
    Arash posted in video exceed it's frame.

    it seems that the video zoomed inside the frame
    the video size is bigger than it's normal size
    the volume and sound button and time bar after play would lost because of the size of player frame.

    I think the resolution of video is important here because for some videos with higher resolution there isn't the same problem like this one:

  2. Sat Mar 14 13:32:49 2015
    Arash posted in video exceed it's frame.

    and full screen doesn't work too

  3. Sat Mar 14 05:47:43 2015

    How can use onmousover function on Gridview like the list view that shows the video, picture, flash,... icon when mouseover event occurred

  4. Tue Mar 10 08:39:01 2015

    thanks the problem solved:
    <Directory /var/www/>
    Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
    AllowOverride All
    Require all granted

  5. Tue Mar 10 04:26:48 2015
    Arash started the conversation pages with .html extension doesn't show. .

    pages with .html extension doesn't show.
    if I change the extension to .php manually by typing in address bar the problem be solved.
    I think the html files don't parse as php files!
    my site address:
    thanks in advance

  6. Wed Mar 4 13:21:15 2015

    I think it's priority is high

  7. Wed Mar 4 13:03:43 2015
    Arash posted in Feature Requests.

    one another:
    all thumbnails at homepage have a label or icon that specify the content before click. (eg. video, game, code, picture, music,...

  8. Wed Mar 4 12:55:59 2015
    Arash posted in Feature Requests.

    please add "report bad media" on each media, that users could report bad picture or video for example sexy, abuse, Violence,...
    thanks in advance

  9. Wed Mar 4 12:47:42 2015

    don't upload a picture for preview image of video

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