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    Sun May 31 06:25:06 2015
    A askfind posted in give the link with update .

    It doesnt work, downloaded the files from codecanyon and it doesnt work. Please help fix this ASAP.

  2. Sun May 31 06:20:57 2015
    A askfind posted in YouTube API Update.

    Hi there.

    Where is the update. I downloaded the files from codecanyon, ran thru the install folder, then upgrade, after that Youtube is still not fetching, can you please advise, what i am doing wrong? or if you have this issue under control, my alexa ranking has been dropping fast, all efforts invested is becoming useless now.


  3. 6 years ago
    Fri Apr 24 13:00:10 2015

    Fixed it, open /tpl/layout.tpl and search for it then remove

    Can you tell me how to bring in youtube videos, description text as well. how can this be made possible.

  4. Fri Apr 24 12:44:53 2015
    A askfind started the conversation Update Suggestion: "Paste Stats Text Code".

    It would be ideal, if you had a way to copy a group of text into the header section or footer section of the site. This will work ideally for the need to paste stats analytics code besides that of google analytics.

    Can you tell me please where can i paste a bunch of text, to activate web stats for my site. Which file should i use to track every page of the site. Please advise me.

  5. Wed Apr 8 11:51:11 2015
    A askfind started the conversation Required design changes, blocks sections.

    Hi there.

    Is it possible to have a block type admin structure, where uses could manipulate the template, similar like widgets and have certain blocks displaying other type of structure on the site, such as adverts, content or links. For example, I would like to show on the right hand mid column block, most popular posts, as this function is easy to output, since we already gather data, for the amount of views, a ranking system, of showing XX no of popular posts, would be good and in a secondary tab, most commented posts, would be ideal.

    Can you advise, how to meet the above objective, this is something you could also think about, for your next version upgrade.

  6. Wed Apr 8 11:47:28 2015

    Is there any customization we can do, to fix this. can you do this for me... am willing to pay for custom work.

  7. Fri Apr 3 19:45:12 2015
    A askfind started the conversation Site doesn't work without htaccess.


    Is it possible, if I don't want htaccess working, i just changed my webserver to nginx and since apache is replaced, htacess has stopped working, will this script work without htaccess or is that a must. please advise, my site is broken at the moment.

  8. Thu Apr 2 14:00:18 2015
    A askfind started the conversation Commenting system.

    Hi there.

    I would like to have our own commenting system, instead of discus or facebook, want to store all data within our own system, this is objective no 1. and we then need to disable user registration and allow anonymous comments, can you advise how this could be done. Anonymous users do not have to be registered into any system and yet can comment anonymously...

    how can I meet these goals. Wouldn't mind to pay to learn.
    please advise...

  9. Wed Mar 11 09:00:57 2015

    best is dont put in sub categories, yes this is indeed a bug.. i somehow like it without the sub categories. Keeps the site clean..

  10. Wed Mar 11 08:59:34 2015
    A askfind posted in Feature Requests.

    Just another request, http://forums.webfairy.net/286-feature-upgrade

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