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    Sat Nov 28 08:38:15 2015
    L lordvizer posted in Feature Requests.

    take a look on this , i have totaly used this script in a new way
    but still needing extra custom Feature :)

  2. Mon Nov 23 05:00:00 2015
    L lordvizer started the conversation SPOTLIGHTS some post .

    i like to make some of the post in my site in SPOTLIGHTS zone so they will show at the first line in my site .
    as you know each time we add new post the best of the post get down to been Buried under everything else
    can you please add small modify like that , it will help every one :)
    maath alsamaray

  3. Sat Oct 31 13:29:14 2015

    bro i do each post my self like download the photo and games ETC and re-upload it to the site with my own names like this you get rich text and content to your site

  4. Wed Sep 23 00:53:38 2015
    L lordvizer posted in Turkish Language.

    i really need Turkish i bought it and connect it to Turkish gaming site

  5. Sun Sep 20 20:50:39 2015
    L lordvizer posted in From lordvizer regarding db.

    i send every thing 2 days ago check your email i am sending them again

  6. Thu Sep 17 17:38:51 2015
    L lordvizer started the conversation From lordvizer regarding db.

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    i send my host info over here ?

  7. Thu Sep 17 12:09:21 2015
    L lordvizer joined the forum.