How to setup WebFairy Mediat to work with Google SMTP?

  1. 6 years ago

    Could you outline the procedure to setup the SMTP mailer to work with Google Mail

    I have tried but Google blocks it. And I haven't figure a way around it. If anyone else has... please let me know.

    Many thanks.


    PS I reset my account for less secure apps... but that didn't provide access. It's still blocked.

    This is the message I get:
    We recently blocked a sign-in attempt to your Google Account [[email protected]].

    Sign in attempt details:
    Date & Time: Saturday, March 21, 11:46 PM GMT
    Location: Unknown

    If this wasn't you:
    Please review your Account Activity page at to see if anything looks suspicious. Whoever tried to sign in to your account knows your password; we recommend that you change it right away.

    If this was you:
    You can switch to an app made by Google such as Gmail to access your account (recommended) or change your settings at so that your account is no longer protected by modern security standards.

  2. Web Fairy

    25 Mar 2015 Administrator

    maybe the problem from the port
    try use this

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