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  2. 6 years ago

    would you please add this feature :
    a download button for pictures, videos and sounds

  3. please add "report bad media" on each media, that users could report bad picture or video for example sexy, abuse, Violence,...
    thanks in advance

  4. one another:
    all thumbnails at homepage have a label or icon that specify the content before click. (eg. video, game, code, picture, music,...

  5. This is a silly usability issue - when I enter my email and password and hit enter some times the register button right next to it gets triggered - maybe using the mouse (with the hover pointed there) by mistake - this takes me to registration page - the Register button could be placed "elsewhere" - maybe before?

  6. Just another request, http://forums.webfairy.net/286-feature-upgrade

  7. @webfairy when you will update "Maintenance mode" & tags feature

  8. Deleted 6 years ago by realistr
  9. watermark to gif and jpeg images..

  10. bump..
    @webfairy when you will update "Maintenance mode" & tags feature

  11. 5 years ago

    where is watermark?..

  12. Web Fairy

    28 Aug 2015 Administrator

    sorry for late, in the next version

  13. Hi,

    I am trying to integrate Arrowchat with WebFairy Mediat but I could not figure it out.

    On their support page, it said use one of the following:

    Using a Session example:

    function get_user_id()
    $userid = NULL;

    if (!empty($_SESSION['userid']))
    $userid = $_SESSION['userid'];

    return $userid;

    Using a Cookie example:

    function get_user_id()
    $userid = NULL;

    if (!empty($_COOKIE['userid']))
    $userid = $_COOKIE['userid'];

    return $userid;

    The codes above need some modification to setup is the get_user_id() function. This function will simply return the user's ID or NULL if no user is logged in.

    Could you please assist me in this matter.

    Hopefully you will add a private messaging system in the next update.

  14. take a look on this , i have totaly used this script in a new way
    but still needing extra custom Feature :)


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