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  2. 6 years ago

    Web Fairy

    24 Feb 2015 Administrator

    @dettmann for what purpose

  3. Deleted 6 years ago by dettmann
  4. @Web Fairy @dettmann for what purpose

    usually in photography websites is published some picture information that was taken as zoom, angle, aperture, equipment etc ....

    could even be paid as a purchase module of the system.

  5. Hi,
    can you import http://ckplayer.emreokay.net/ it's beautiful video player with tons of option, subtitles and others :)
    (And please dont ask me what is writed on this site, because i don't understand this language :D )

  6. @webfairy do you have planning to update "Maintenance mode" & tags feature :)

  7. Web Fairy

    1 Mar 2015 Administrator

    we will work on all these

  8. Can you make such a system :(

  9. Web Fairy

    2 Mar 2015 Administrator

    which system in myegy? do you mean the grid system, mediat has the same

  10. Rom1160

    2 Mar 2015 Moderator

    You can add a system of notification and messaging?

    You can add block ads before and after the articles

  11. @Web Fairy which system in myegy? do you mean the grid system, mediat has the same

    If you have no Can I get it :(

  12. هل يمكن الحصول على سكربت ماي ايجي myegy :)

  13. Web Fairy

    2 Mar 2015 Administrator

    من اى ناحيه بالظبط؟
    يعنى انتا عايز نسخة طبق الاصل منه ولا مميزات معينه

  14. اذ يوجد لديك منه نسخه طبق الاصل فايكون افضل :)

  15. Web Fairy

    2 Mar 2015 Administrator

    لا اعرف صراحه .. جرب بالبحث عنه
    نحن نطور هنا اسكربت محدد

  16. هل تستطيع تصميمه واقوم باشرائه منك :)

  17. Has Social Media Login (via existing accounts of FB/Twitter/Google) with validation already been requested?

  18. Rom1160

    3 Mar 2015 Moderator

    Please add sidebar example: -image-

  19. Web Fairy

    3 Mar 2015 Administrator

    @bollywood you can login with 'Facebook','Twitter','Google','Yahoo','Linkedin','Live'

  20. Edited 6 years ago by bollywood

    OK - Got it - now - what are they app keys /app secret and are they required?

  21. A new request perhaps - like in Wordpress - I would like to setup social sharing in a auto post mode - each time an article video or post is published...is that possible now or a new feature?

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