Feature Requests

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  2. 6 years ago

    @webfairy do you have planning to update "Maintenance mode" & tags feature :)

  3. Web Fairy

    1 Mar 2015 Administrator

    we will work on all these

  4. Can you make such a system :(

  5. Web Fairy

    2 Mar 2015 Administrator

    which system in myegy? do you mean the grid system, mediat has the same

  6. Rom1160

    2 Mar 2015 Moderator

    You can add a system of notification and messaging?

    You can add block ads before and after the articles

  7. @Web Fairy which system in myegy? do you mean the grid system, mediat has the same

    If you have no Can I get it :(

  8. هل يمكن الحصول على سكربت ماي ايجي myegy :)

  9. Web Fairy

    2 Mar 2015 Administrator

    من اى ناحيه بالظبط؟
    يعنى انتا عايز نسخة طبق الاصل منه ولا مميزات معينه

  10. اذ يوجد لديك منه نسخه طبق الاصل فايكون افضل :)

  11. Web Fairy

    2 Mar 2015 Administrator

    لا اعرف صراحه .. جرب بالبحث عنه
    نحن نطور هنا اسكربت محدد

  12. هل تستطيع تصميمه واقوم باشرائه منك :)

  13. Has Social Media Login (via existing accounts of FB/Twitter/Google) with validation already been requested?

  14. Rom1160

    3 Mar 2015 Moderator

    Please add sidebar example: -image-

  15. Web Fairy

    3 Mar 2015 Administrator

    @bollywood you can login with 'Facebook','Twitter','Google','Yahoo','Linkedin','Live'

  16. Edited 6 years ago by bollywood

    OK - Got it - now - what are they app keys /app secret and are they required?

  17. A new request perhaps - like in Wordpress - I would like to setup social sharing in a auto post mode - each time an article video or post is published...is that possible now or a new feature?

  18. would you please add this feature :
    a download button for pictures, videos and sounds

  19. please add "report bad media" on each media, that users could report bad picture or video for example sexy, abuse, Violence,...
    thanks in advance

  20. one another:
    all thumbnails at homepage have a label or icon that specify the content before click. (eg. video, game, code, picture, music,...

  21. This is a silly usability issue - when I enter my email and password and hit enter some times the register button right next to it gets triggered - maybe using the mouse (with the hover pointed there) by mistake - this takes me to registration page - the Register button could be placed "elsewhere" - maybe before?

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