Feature Upgrade.

  1. 6 years ago


    It would be appropriate for you to please block the forums to public viewing, you want it to be only viewed by people who has purchase the script, cause without this, i cannot share with you, my site's domain name or show you where my site is, cause i fear due to the exposure of the code on this forums, it could open up to hacks on my own site.

    Could you kindly enable this feature on these forums threads.

    Now secondly, i have an feature upgrade that you could implement in your next version, which is to allow admin/adminstrators, who approve/disapprove posts, to be able to edit post titles as well, prior to the second publish button, in this way, they could make changes to title headings, if they notice something wrong with those titles. {something similar to quickedit on wordpress systems}, this is what its for. Would be a good add on to your next version upgrade.

    thanks for listening.

  2. Web Fairy

    11 Mar 2015 Administrator

    you can use the private conversation,
    about the improve
    we will take it into consieration


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