How to run Cronjob?

  1. 6 years ago

    someone who know how can i run cronjob? Because my provider not supporting cronjob like this:

    wget -O - > /dev/null 2>&1

    Only supporting this:

    Thank you for help :)

  2. i working on same problem, do not worry everything have explenation

  3. at first..., in cpanel you have to put in Common
    Settings: you have to put - every minute

  4. ... but i have expirience it not working well, i am looking whith creator to find a way or bug to get it right way

  5. Web Fairy

    15 Feb 2015 Administrator

    what is that host that does not supporting the croptab?
    give me its documentaion

  6. Hi, all documentation you can find on but 90% of documentation is in czech language :(

  7. Web Fairy

    16 Feb 2015 Administrator

    what about using
    i did not test it but i think it will work
    make the call url every 60 second

  8. I will try this :)

  9. I found very easy to set up. It supports multiple configurations.


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