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    Fri Mar 13 21:26:20 2015
    DpenINhand posted in Ads not visible.

    try inserting the code in ads 468x60 . so it works in my case



  2. Fri Mar 13 21:01:22 2015
    DpenINhand posted in symbol in like-dislike box??.

    And if it's okay ?

    <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />
            <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0" />
  3. Fri Mar 13 05:28:17 2015
    DpenINhand started the conversation add a new box in sidebar??.

    imageman :P


  4. Fri Mar 13 04:51:25 2015
    DpenINhand started the conversation symbol in like-dislike box??.

    please @Web Fairy

  5. Wed Mar 11 01:15:49 2015

    tnx :)

  6. Sun Mar 8 22:26:56 2015
    DpenINhand posted in And here we go!!!.

    i thing so... is not whether compare
    70 members in forum

    37 sales on envato

    you need limit entry to new users and care your work

    1.4 ?... all null files amended on February 18?? :P

  7. Sun Mar 8 21:05:52 2015
    DpenINhand started the conversation increase the shadow of the grid title and counter?.


    please ...

    1.- Comment , like and hit views on an external link is possible?

    2.- Where I can increase the shadow of the grid title ?

    white text vs white background :P


  8. Sun Mar 8 20:43:46 2015
    DpenINhand posted in Languages Packages.

    Admin... please update link for spanish translation... this one is more exact ... thanks


    estoy familiarizandome bastante con el script... si alguien necesita ayuda y entiende poco ingles, puede contar conmigo para soporte en español

    I'm becoming familiar enough with the script ... if anyone needs help and understand little English , you can count on me to support Spanish

  9. Sun Feb 22 23:06:45 2015
    DpenINhand posted in How to manage ads.

    thanks ... not annoying never anymore :P

  10. Sun Feb 22 22:51:04 2015
    DpenINhand posted in Big problem.

    you welcome... I hope it's the answer :)

    please show me how to put this ad
    moustafa site :)

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