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    Thu Jun 18 01:07:10 2015
    S superyann posted in text and password.

    Firefox 38.0.5 the last version.

    if is not compatible with the last version of firefox.. its verry bad..

  2. Tue Jun 16 14:37:51 2015
    S superyann posted in text and password.

    Nice awnser, but, ... Some text does not appear..

    Even if the connection would work, I do not see the text next to the fields.
    Thank you to solve this problem too.


  3. Sun Jun 14 23:55:35 2015
    S superyann started the conversation text and password.

    Look : http://www.sagbook.com/

    I have a problem with installation. Some text does not appear. And my admin login password dont working.. I registered on your site to get support but it takes you to approve my registration .. it’s long. When we bought a few things, we want it work right away :) Invalid CSRF token… I tried to put (var $ NoCSRF = false;) but it does not. This is worse.

  4. Sat Jun 13 02:00:20 2015
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