1. 7 years ago

    Hi webfairy,
    i would like to ask you for loading.
    When i rolling down on my page the loading of other posts is bit slow. Is there a way made it faster?
    Thank you. Cloumak.cz

  2. Web Fairy

    7 Apr 2015 Administrator

    because its waiting all images to load first then show them

  3. 6 years ago

    could you add a lazy loading instead sequential loading instead? would be faster and feasible... =)

  4. Web Fairy

    10 Jul 2015 Administrator

    also, you may remove that effect from assets/js/front.js line 320
    from this

                    window.setTimeout(function() {
                      $self.css('opacity', 1);
                    }, Math.random() * $this.settings.fadeInDelay);

    to this

         $self.css('opacity', 1);
  5. @Web Fairy

    maybe you could add some loading like this - http://tympanus.net/Development/GridLoadingEffects/index.html - or the original one -http://www.appelsiini.net/projects/lazyload - .... this might solve this issue.... what you think?

    Cheers =)

  6. or even use the most used plugin for this - http://owlgraphic.com/owlcarousel/demos/lazyLoad.html -....


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