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  1. 7 years ago

    Hi there.

    I would like to have our own commenting system, instead of discus or facebook, want to store all data within our own system, this is objective no 1. and we then need to disable user registration and allow anonymous comments, can you advise how this could be done. Anonymous users do not have to be registered into any system and yet can comment anonymously...

    how can I meet these goals. Wouldn't mind to pay to learn.
    please advise...

  2. can add :)

    1- You could add an installation exclusive publications
    2-Add Upload all formulas in thermometer
    3-The development of the form of comments and add smilies and images in the comments
    4-Adding an image booster named in the Home section and history be higher buttons Post
    5-Lists show image in the top next to their name
    6-Add pagination
    7-Add Slade Shaw in a small squares of publications Featured Top
    8. Add the alert for comments and to add the alert for irregularities
    Thank you

  3. Add very important please affixed
    Or less where I find the explanation and add it

  4. Web Fairy

    2 Apr 2015 Administrator

    @ubnt you have very nice list and we will work on all it very soon
    according to the commenting system we will make the internal one in the next version

    we make the social systems first because its more required by users because of the traffic that maybe cause from facebook user

  5. 6 years ago

    What is a "slade shaw"?

  6. Web Fairy

    10 Jul 2015 Administrator

    what do you mean

  7. 7-Add Slade Shaw in a small squares of publications Featured Top

    So... what means "slade shaw"? would be slide show? like a slider?


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