Having Animated Gifs Show Up On Front Page

  1. 7 years ago

    Hi Support... just wondered if there are any tricks to getting an animated gif to show up and be animated on the front page. When I click through.. the gif is animated but not on the front page. I would like it to be animated on the front page as well.

    Thanks for the help.

  2. 6 years ago

    @Web Fairy ....

    to help this user ((and me and other users)) i highly recommend to see this page and try to add these functions to the core... what you think?? =)


    It's a amazing gif player... just like 9gag =)

    Cheers =)

  3. I think the default one and video one would be awesome... but you can add a radiobox to let us select what suit us better =)

  4. Web Fairy

    10 Jul 2015 Administrator

    @tofanelli that's really great, we will work on it next version

  5. @Web Fairy

    this is great!!! I hope to see that then!!! =)

    Cheers =)


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