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  1. 7 years ago

    Web Fairy

    28 Jan 2015 Administrator

    If you have any feature requests please feel free to leave them in this conversation and we'll be sure to implement them as long as they are not too far out of scope for the project :)


  2. Rom1160

    4 Feb 2015 Moderator

    @Web Fairy It would restrict entry to the forum This would avoid unnecessary post.

  3. Web Fairy

    4 Feb 2015 Administrator

    what do you mean by restrict

  4. Rom1160

    4 Feb 2015 Moderator

    Only allow entry to the user who bought the script

  5. yes, I aggre with Rom1160.

  6. Web Fairy

    4 Feb 2015 Administrator

    great idea

  7. User can select/upload own avatar :P (by the way, i like new update)

  8. Web Fairy

    10 Feb 2015 Administrator

    thank you and we will make it just like cover in 1.3
    now you can link your account by fb or twitter and choose to use facebook avatar

  9. Hi,
    maybe this can be visible only for logged users:
    Thank you :)

  10. Web Fairy

    15 Feb 2015 Administrator

    done, 1.3

  11. Rom1160

    16 Feb 2015 Moderator
    Edited 7 years ago by Rom1160


    You can add this to upload from pc and external link ?



  12. Web Fairy

    16 Feb 2015 Administrator

    do you mean adding image from external link?

  13. Rom1160

    16 Feb 2015 Moderator

    No sorry I was wrong ! It would simply add the editor for the description to be more attractive

  14. In the Admin View

    The Content menu - detail of Post Fetcher , should sort and allow by category display of content..it is unclear where I have used the Post fetcher unless I go into next level of detail

  15. Maintenance mode would be fine :P

  16. @maslovicz Maintenance mode would be fine :P

    Awesome idea (y)

  17. Edited 7 years ago by lolclol

    Just some quick suggestion :D

    1. Can you make external link restricted (users need to be registered inorder to see links)
    2. Is it possible to add user role from admin panel like the screenshot,adding moderator role to moderate posts. http://postimg.org/image/wjrdwnf2d/
    3. Adding membership option with pricing tble (basic,premium,super vip) and payment gateway like paypal,Bkash, payza ?
    4. ip monitoring (Banned ip when user registered )?
    5. xss, sql injection, anti-hacking protocol.

    Am thinking more :D will suggest you if i got something new. :D

  18. Edited 7 years ago by yinkira

    "Maintenance mode" & tag feature :)

  19. Edited 7 years ago by DpenINhand

    TAGs feature
    open external link in new tab (or windows) :)

  20. system read exif information in the photos

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