Oembed Rss Providers

  1. 6 years ago

    Hi how I can post with the rss providers, you have some tutorials I see the documentation and I can't understand how I can embed rss in your script?

  2. Hello can help?

  3. Web Fairy

    31 Dec 2015 Administrator

    did you try the youtube one? make api and grab with a keyword

  4. Hi Webfairy Happy new year, i wish for you more sales in this year. and sorry for my answers in codecanyon. about rss i dont understand which url i need to put in Rss url, which (Rss items must be supported) you can send example of url for rss? Because i will like to show news from other website. I don't have problem with api from youtube i have have problem with direct rss.
    If you have a russian language file? send me please i want to translate my website to russian language. thanks.

  5. Web Fairy

    5 Jan 2016 Administrator

    here http://oembed.com/


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