How to Stop Redirecting Source link ?!

  1. 6 years ago

    If i'm Create New Post Via External Link Then How to Stop Redirect Source !?, I mean to say i don't want my visitor know what is my Posting Source !

    Spouse I'm Create New Post via External Link and my Posting Source is Pinterest or Imgure !, so When i Publish the Post and visit my site without login (as a site visitor) Then When ever i click on post i'm Just Redirect On Pinterest :(

    So Please Help me Admin

  2. Admin Please Answer me !!!

  3. Please Admin guide me...!

  4. Web Fairy

    30 Oct 2015 Administrator

    do you mean post form the 66+ provider? or just unsupported link?
    the links such youtube in example will show you the player
    if you posted unsupported link it will redirect you to it when you click the post,

    please provide us with a link from your website shows the problem

  5. Edited 6 years ago by dhaivat

    ok here is the picture !!!!


    and you can also check on my website ......

  6. i am try to post link from and but when i create new post then it will show direct source of link it means pinterest or Imgur .... and when user click on post then user redirect from my site to source site ( pinterest or imgur ) so i need to hide source link .... i don't want my visitor know my posting source :(

  7. Edited 6 years ago by dhaivat

    ok Right now now i have 3 post on my site

    the first one is Video
    and 2 image link so when you click on video the it will play on my site not to redirect on Youtube but if you are clicking on Image post then that will redirect one Pinterest and imgure .... !

  8. Please Admin ... also check 4th post !!! it was by flickr link and also have so code conflict when you click and view post then you can see 3 same image with error code ....!

  9. Sorry for that ( Pinterest and Imgur not in Supported Providers but that was something Problem in Flickr post , you can check in first post on

  10. Hello what happen ... did you check that error on my site

    Flickr Post !!!

  11. Web Fairy

    30 Oct 2015 Administrator

    @dhaivat ok here is the picture !!!!


    and you can also check on my website ......

    these are not supported links, you can use only the 66 site to do that

  12. ok i understand but please check this link

  13. bro i do each post my self like download the photo and games ETC and re-upload it to the site with my own names like this you get rich text and content to your site

  14. @lordvizer do you know how to solve ?!

  15. @Web Fairy

    When Create a Post with flickr link then in post show me 3 same image ....!


  16. Web Fairy

    31 Oct 2015 Administrator

    got it, it think this is because of the flicker api, we will review it


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