url slug

  1. 6 years ago

    as google says here: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/76329

    "Consider using punctuation in your URLs. The URL http://www.example.com/green-dress.html is much more useful to us than http://www.example.com/greendress.html . We recommend that you use hyphens (-) instead of underscores (_) in your URLs."

    how do I change this in webfairy, I wish to use "-" instead of "_" in urls as google recommends. please advice.

  2. Web Fairy

    1 Oct 2015 Administrator

    you can make that, but it may effect your old url, open lib/engine.php line 3255 (function seo_str) and change the line 3264 to

    $text = preg_replace('/[\s-]+/', '-', $text);

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