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  1. 6 years ago
    Edited 6 years ago by fouad7


    1. I would like to make users profiles visible only to logged in users, could you please assist me with this matter.
    2. On the home page, how to fix the translation of MY_POSTS? I tried to edited throught the admin panel but nothing changing.


  2. Web Fairy

    1 Oct 2015 Administrator

    1- open (user_favorites.php,user_posts.php,user_profile.php,users_list.php) and add this after line 7 $Webfairy->require_auth(); it will be like this

         * @author Webfairy MediaT CMS -
        include dirname(__FILE__).'/lib/engine.php';
            $Webfairy = new Webfairy();

    2- open and add it


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