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  1. 2 years ago

    it is possible make share button for tumblr or instagram for example instead linkedin?

  2. last year

    Web Fairy

    24 Jun 2015 Administrator

    sure, in blog view or grid?

  3. I think both options would be awesome! =)

  4. both options

  5. Web Fairy

    10 Jul 2015 Administrator

    open tpl/function.tpl and search for line 44 for grid view
    replace this

    <li><a class="linkedin_share" href="#" data-url="{$post.absolute_url}"><i class="fa fa-linkedin"></i></a></li>


    <li><a class="tumblr_share" href="#" data-url="{$post.absolute_url}"><i class="fa fa-tumblr"></i></a></li>

    and open assets/js/front.js and search for this

            popup('', {
              url: $(this).data('url'),
              title: $(this).data('title'),
              mini: true
            return false;   

    then add new one with the links and vars of tumblr or instagram


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