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  1. 6 years ago

    Look : http://www.sagbook.com/

    I have a problem with installation. Some text does not appear. And my admin login password dont working.. I registered on your site to get support but it takes you to approve my registration .. it’s long. When we bought a few things, we want it work right away :) Invalid CSRF token… I tried to put (var $ NoCSRF = false;) but it does not. This is worse.

  2. Web Fairy

    15 Jun 2015 Administrator

    I'm tried to register and it work, i think the problem in setting the password in installation step, try to register a new account from the site itself and go to phpmyadmin > users table and make manager field to 1

  3. Nice awnser, but, ... Some text does not appear..

    Even if the connection would work, I do not see the text next to the fields.
    Thank you to solve this problem too.


  4. Web Fairy

    17 Jun 2015 Administrator

    what is your browser name and version

  5. Firefox 38.0.5 the last version.

    if is not compatible with the last version of firefox.. its verry bad..

  6. Web Fairy

    18 Jun 2015 Administrator
    Edited 6 years ago by Web Fairy

    no no, its compatible (i'm using the same version) and it work for me, all pages has no text?


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