give the link with update

  1. 6 years ago

    dear man , i have to more days without updates files, wher is this? need a link here or send me in email adres. wtf?? i`m crazy....

  2. Web Fairy

    28 May 2015 Administrator

    what do you mean?
    download it from your codecanyoun account

  3. sorry man but no have nothing files only it have: -image- no view update folder... no nothing

  4. Web Fairy

    29 May 2015 Administrator

    download all files then replace and go to install then select update? what is the problem

  5. It doesnt work, downloaded the files from codecanyon and it doesnt work. Please help fix this ASAP.

  6. Edited 6 years ago by zerg

    yes no work, i have only file v 1 3

  7. Hi, nobody post you full files. Why? Because on this forum can register everybody. People without license too. This can be abused. Download your files from CodeCanyon. If is not working, use 7zip to extract this archive. If not workin 7zip too, make a refund (if you have a licence of course)

  8. Web Fairy

    15 Jun 2015 Administrator

    @maslovicz great thanks


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