New version 1.4 don't work

  1. 6 years ago

    I download with the latest version and install in my server but it does not work. The error log show:
    [26-May-2015 07:23:18 Africa/Cairo] PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function assign() on a non-object in /home1/rsi2009/public_html/phathuydat/finaltouch/index.php on line 51

    Please help.

  2. Web Fairy

    26 May 2015 Administrator

    did you installed it?

  3. Yes, I had installed it and the error information I copy from error_log file.

  4. He said a successful upgrade, but I get an error

    cript src=”/assets/js/nprogress.js”>

  5. Web Fairy

    26 May 2015 Administrator

    what is the error?

  6. My website does not show any thing. Please help

  7. Web Fairy

    27 May 2015 Administrator

    what kind of ads u using?

  8. I don' t use any Ad, just want to install to show the nail art only but unsuccessful after order. Please solve my problem.


    Excuse me
    flickr taken on

  10. up

  11. please see┼ču.html

    help me

  12. please help me

  13. Web Fairy

    4 Jun 2015 Administrator

    please explan your problem, because i have misunderstand

  14. Web Fairy

    4 Jun 2015 Administrator

    did you change any thing in the tpls?

  15. no... It was updating

    I do not know of English

  16. If you look you will see an error page

  17. Is there no solution


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