YouTube API Update

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  2. 5 years ago
    Edited 5 years ago by bollywood

    Thanks, both playlist and channel needs to be there and we need to know when it will be available please, I assume it is a simple option update, the issue we have is that it was there in MediaT1.3 - only the API upgraded so not sure what happened - and how much work it is to add Channel ID and Playlist - there is nothing in the API doc that says this changed on their end i.e. YouTube did not change anything..

    Please let us know if we can expect that this week

  3. Please let us know if you can quickly release this fix

  4. Hi there.

    Where is the update. I downloaded the files from codecanyon, ran thru the install folder, then upgrade, after that Youtube is still not fetching, can you please advise, what i am doing wrong? or if you have this issue under control, my alexa ranking has been dropping fast, all efforts invested is becoming useless now.


  5. Web Fairy

    31 May 2015 Administrator

    make sure that your key if correct (try mine AIzaSyBG7QCKf4zTi6gXKYarfRMRGWWhQ30rPHk) and its work now for tage and channel username only

  6. Can you write what and how did you set up for Api. I trying myself and it is not working. Thanks.
    I would like to have own Api Key

  7. @cloumak AIzaSyBG7QCKf4zTi6gXKYarfRMRGWWhQ30rPHk

    @Web Fairy your Api key is working "strange"

  8. @cloumak @Web Fairy your Api key is working "strange"

    i mean good...

  9. Web Fairy

    31 May 2015 Administrator

    make sure that you enabled the youtube api

  10. i did it for sure.

  11. Today i try it and it and my API key working fine. Thanks

  12. Again we need the update and we need to be able to work with Channel ID and Playlist as before in mediat 1.3

  13. When is this going to be fixed please? Our sites are dead for months now!!!

  14. Web Fairy

    6 Jun 2015 Administrator

    very soon, sorry for the delay

  15. This should not take more than a few hours and we have waited over two months, our sites have crashed in rankings and traffic and we are facing losses.

  16. Web Fairy

    9 Jun 2015 Administrator
    Edited 5 years ago by Web Fairy

    what about fast fix to use id instead of username?
    open lib/engine.php
    search for (line 1236)

        $channelResponse = $youtube->channels->listChannels('id', array('forUsername' => $data['forUsername']));


        $terms['channelId'] = $data['forUsername'];
  17. Edited 5 years ago by bollywood

    Look that is not an option we have set-up several feeds which use both ID and Playlist which I mentioned to you last month as well and they need to be specific since categories are driven by them, we need this working as before - because except for the API upgrade with new security features - this should not have been impacted.

    If we keep hacking the code then upgrades become an issue and we have no idea what has changed

    You have delayed this for months and we do not understand what the issue is in fixing this? You have 48 hours to , we have been very patient and have lost a lot because of this...

  18. Web Fairy

    10 Jun 2015 Administrator
    Edited 5 years ago by Web Fairy

    i think we can make fetch by channel id and username and tag
    the playlist option will be hard right now

  19. Please try - I think it should be simple fix. It was available before in Mediat 1.3 . Every option YouTube allows provides more flexibility to pick select content, else we get a lot of junk, and manual intervention to create and file under categories is extensive.

  20. Web Fairy

    10 Jun 2015 Administrator

    can you explain how playlist work, is the playlist a sub channel from a channel? or what

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