YouTube API Update

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  2. 4 years ago

    This should not take more than a few hours and we have waited over two months, our sites have crashed in rankings and traffic and we are facing losses.

  3. Web Fairy

    9 Jun 2015 Administrator
    Edited 4 years ago by Web Fairy

    what about fast fix to use id instead of username?
    open lib/engine.php
    search for (line 1236)

        $channelResponse = $youtube->channels->listChannels('id', array('forUsername' => $data['forUsername']));


        $terms['channelId'] = $data['forUsername'];
  4. Edited 4 years ago by bollywood

    Look that is not an option we have set-up several feeds which use both ID and Playlist which I mentioned to you last month as well and they need to be specific since categories are driven by them, we need this working as before - because except for the API upgrade with new security features - this should not have been impacted.

    If we keep hacking the code then upgrades become an issue and we have no idea what has changed

    You have delayed this for months and we do not understand what the issue is in fixing this? You have 48 hours to , we have been very patient and have lost a lot because of this...

  5. Web Fairy

    10 Jun 2015 Administrator
    Edited 4 years ago by Web Fairy

    i think we can make fetch by channel id and username and tag
    the playlist option will be hard right now

  6. Please try - I think it should be simple fix. It was available before in Mediat 1.3 . Every option YouTube allows provides more flexibility to pick select content, else we get a lot of junk, and manual intervention to create and file under categories is extensive.

  7. Web Fairy

    10 Jun 2015 Administrator

    can you explain how playlist work, is the playlist a sub channel from a channel? or what

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  10. Is this being fixed? It has been a few more weeks

  11. Web Fairy

    17 Jun 2015 Administrator

    no changes yet, did you know this rss links

  12. "no changes yet", but you know we have a crisis on our hands?

    Also we discovered some serious new issues, a) Old (from 2011 videos are randomly being fetched b) The videos are no longer automatically going into categories we assigned for some reason.

    I do not understand your comment about the rss links?

  13. Web Fairy

    17 Jun 2015 Administrator


  14. Oh will try - however this is a big mess, you know the site - just visit and see - it is bringing crap from years ago and putting in one not publish results here please - send PM

  15. RSS solution does not work = we stated user=tseries - brings nothing back

  16. Web Fairy

    18 Jun 2015 Administrator


  17. This works, however whats the purpose of RSS based link, it does not give analytics, and does not solve issues around channel and playlist - just another option that's all.

  18. Our ranking has dropped by a few million on Alexa and our site sucks, the feeds are not getting auto categorized, they are not coming frequently (old stale videos)..This is the end of the content sites we created using your script....

    You will need to get it updated now!!


    It does not work for above user ids why? - so it works selectively and we have waited 3 months for a solution please, the sites are a mess.

  20. Web Fairy

    14 Jul 2015 Administrator

    the update will contain "by tag and by channel uid or uname"
    sorry, we can not do more options

  21. First off - when is the update which is long due and in the previous comment we gave you examples of rss feeds that do not work - why?


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