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  1. 7 years ago

    Since you depend on a 3rd party service to get YouTube posts - is there any communication or confirmation of when the service will be updated to the latest API ? V3? Our sites have been not updating since the last 5-6 days and we have not heard from you!


  2. This lack of response is really not OK with us, our site has been stagnant for a week now.

  3. We are awaiting your response...

  4. It has been weeks since we raised this issue in a related thread and for over a week now our sites are stale and you are nowhere to be seen, I will need to escalate this matter unless resolved. Our feedback will be very negative.

  5. Web Fairy

    15 May 2015 Administrator
    Edited 7 years ago by Web Fairy

    sorry for late, we have some problems to solve, then we will find the solution for this issue
    if you know any thing in the new api can help please share it

  6. We cannot wait we are about 10 days behind live updates, ours is a news site and cannot be stale. We have invested heavily in SEO etc.

    You can read all about it on youtube - just google or use these links:

  7. Web Fairy

    15 May 2015 Administrator

    working with google api is hard we will work on it now

  8. How can it be hard, it is the 3rd party provider who needs to upgrade and months of notice had been provided, I myself raised this issue with you 6 weeks ago and also have been down two weeks with no updates..this is just terrible response from you!

  9. Web Fairy

    18 May 2015 Administrator

    what kind of rss you using, channels or searching from all you tube

  10. Mostly channels (90%), sometimes playlists - however there should be no restriction right..?

  11. Web Fairy

    19 May 2015 Administrator

    i think API 3 have some restriction, we work on it, sorry for late

  12. YouTube Ver 3 explains it all - I do not think there is any restriction, however is this not something the 3rd party plug in you are using with 50+ services should be taking care of?

  13. Web Fairy

    20 May 2015 Administrator

    working on it + the gallery option

  14. I hope this link below helps you complete the upgrade before today - we have waited forever and our site has lost traffic since there was no update for several weeks:

  15. Web Fairy

    23 May 2015 Administrator

    thank you for wait, its under review in codecanyon

  16. Can you send us the link directly? Approval can take days we are already "a dead site" with old content for 3 weeks? Also is this a major update with bug fixes and new features beyond the API change?

  17. Edited 7 years ago by bollywood

    Thanks for the effort and the update. We received the notification from CC. Anyway two follow-ups:

    a) Upgrade instructions please? - On one low risk site we simply "extracted" the zip file (after making a backup of just the files and not the database) and it is funny, it works however took the menu to the right. That was the only change we noticed..

    b) Change Log please - looks like you may have bundled a lot of new upgrades or fixes too

    Thanks again.

  18. Password reset is not working for me

  19. Edited 7 years ago by bollywood

    Despite some errors - got into admin panel - YouTube fetch is not giving errors however says 0 posts to fetch for every channel - tried to create a new fetch and now needs google api key

  20. Web Fairy

    24 May 2015 Administrator

    make sure that every thing about api key right

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